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        2. FAQs

          How long will my alteration take?

          We will always try and fit the job completion around customers requirements where possible. We would normally request a few days or even a week for more complex alterations. Same day service is available on many alterations such as trouser and skirt?shortening. We advise where possible that you ring our store in advance of your visit to inform us.

          What is invisible mending?

          A tear or hole in a loved or expensive item of clothing can be heart-breaking. Invisible mending can repair your garment so it looks as good as new. Threads are taken from the material in an unseen part of the garment, and these threads are used to painstakingly reconstruct the fabric in and around the hole. The material is effectively re-woven to produce a final result that has your beloved jacket or suit looking as good as new. Please?contact your local store for more details.

          What do I do if I have questions regarding an order or service?

          tailor made is very happy to answer any questions you may have – please call?one of our stores and speak to a member of staff. Alternatively, you cancontact us through this site. For questions relating to this website, please?e-mail John Tilley directly.

          Do you offer a same-day service?

          We can offer a sameday service for most of our orders, but not through our collect and delivery service. Please?telephone your local store and our helpful staff will be happy to discuss your requirements.

          What forms of payment do you accept?

          We accept cash, cheques (accompanied by a cheque guarentee card) and a wide variety of credit cards (minimum order of £10).

          Do I need to have my clothing alterations fitted?

          Ideally we like to fit our customers’ garments in one of our personal fitting rooms within our shop. This allows you to see clearly the alteration being pinned in a full length mirror ensuring a better fitting garment.?If you own a perfectly fitting garment, we can use that as a template for your alterations if you cannot be fitted in-store.

          What if a stain is still visible after dry cleaning?

          Contrary to popular belief, certain stains cannot be removed by the dry-cleaning process. The nature and age of the stain, plus the colour and construction of the fabric, sometimes make stains impossible to remove without damaging the fabric.

          How do I take trouser measurements?

          If you are measuring the length of a pair of trousers that fit and using it as a guide, make sure you take both the outside leg and the inside leg measurement. This is because not all trousers are cut the same, so for us to determine the cut of the trouser and alter the trouser to the correct length we need to know both measurements.