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        2. Franchise Opportunities

          Be part of the new sewing revolution!


          Considering a Franchise?

          Franchising gives you the opportunity to run your own business – with dedication and hard work, you can take control of your working life and be responsible for your own earnings and lifestyle. Running your business as part of a franchise gives you the support of a successful business model and franchise manager. In exchange for a set-up charge and an on-going franchise fee, you are given access to a recognised quality brand, advice from people with many years’ experience operating the business, and ongoing help with setting up and running your new store.

          tailor made is a highly successful brand, offering tailoring services in high street stores across the country. The business was established in 1995 in Harborne, Birmingham, and the brand has become synomymous with excellent service and dedication to its customers.

          While an interest in tailoring would be advantageous, no experience in the industry is necessary as all training is provided as part of the franchise fee. It is much more important that you are dedicated, enthusiastic and self-motivated, ready to work hard and reap the rewards of your successful business.


          Franchise Benefits

          The?tailor made franchise offers you an opportunity to join an established business with a proven track-record.?tailor made has buit a strong brand since it was established in 1995, and the business has built a reputation built on the quality of service it provides.

          A franchise with?tailor made provides you with many benefits:

          A product and service that the public want

          A quality, established brand for your business

          Day-to-day support on running your own business from a management team with over 25 years of experience

          Advice and support while establishing your franchise

          Assistance in finding and fitting a suitable premises

          On-going marketing provisions to maintain the brand and advertise your business

          Education and training on staff recruitment and management

          While an interest in tailoring would be an advantage, and any experience in management or self-employment would be a benefit, no experience is necessary as all training is provided. The only things you need to provide are your initial investment, your monthly franchise fees, and a lot of dedication and hard work!


          Franchise Investment

          The initial cost of setting up a?tailor made franchise is £9000. This sum covers:

          Consultations to determine suitablility for the franchise and establish an area of operation

          Establishment of a franchise agreement, where obligations of the franchiser and franchisee are laid out

          Initial training in tailoring and business management

          Assistance in finding and fitting a suitable premises for the business


          The on-going fees for the franchise are based on the Gross Revenue of the business. The following fees are payable monthly:

          Management Service Fee – 8% of Gross Revenue

          Marketing Contribution – 2% of Gross Revenue


          There are additional costs involved with running the business, including (but not limited to):

          Rent on your premises

          Purchase or rental of specialist and non-specialist equipment (sewing machines, overlockers, tables, computer, etc)

          Utility bills – heating, lighting and power

          Raw materials (threads, cloth, etc)

          Purchase and maintenance of a suitable branded vehicle for deliveries

          Staffing costs – wages, taxes, NI

          Additional marketing overheads


          The Next Steps

          If you are interested in pursuing a?tailor made franchise, or you would like us to send you a brochure detailing the franchise opportunity, then please contact John Tilley to arrange a meeting:

          John Tilley
          07932 672075